Zhongbo Profile
Zhongbo Profile

Our company, HEBEI BOTOU SAFETY TOOLS, has been producing the right tools for any job for over 30 years!

Today, our company has evolved into the world’s largest professional non-sparking tool manufacturer. Our technologically advanced manufacturing complex spans an area of 66,000m2 and is staffed by an experienced workforce of 680 employees. With an annual production capacity of 6 million units and an export/output ratio of up to 78%, we guarantee you will receive your order, no matter the size, in a very expedient fashion.

With the support of our top-notch in-house design team, we have created over 360 series of non-sparking tools that are available in more than 5,600 specifications. Due to the very high quality of our fine, non-sparking tools and the exemplary services of our friendly customer service team, our products have gained considerable market share in more than 100 countries and regions, including: the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Britain, Russia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, etc. We have been awarded a substantial number of certificates, such as ISO 9001, UKAS, TUV GS, FM, VDE, just to name a few.

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Hebei Botou Safety Tools Co., Ltd.
Add.: No.2 Wugang Road, Industrial Park, Botou City, Hebei Province, China
Zip code: 062150

  • Export Department 1
    Tel.: + 86-317-8222761
    Contact: Linda Yang
    Mobile: +86-15031760186
    Skype: linda.yang568
    QQ ID: 3332809186
    +86 15031760186
    E-mail: sales1@safetytools.com.cn
  • Export Department 2
    Tel.: +86-317-8319039
    Contact: Rita Lee
    Mobile: +86-15132713661
    Skype: ratilee0213
    QQ ID: 2519841851
    +86 1512713661
  • Export Department 3
    Tel.: +86-317-8319039
    Contact: Abby Yang
    Mobile: +86-13831734853
    Skype: eryueyangliu
    QQ ID: 343194364
    +86 13831734853
  • Office in Tianjin
    Tel.: + 86-22-87886125
    Contact: Yuelin Liu
    Mobile: +86-13784733516
    Skype: nonsparktools
    +86 13784733516
  • Sales Department
    Tel.: +86-317-8186422
    Contact: Pandora Chen
    Mobile: +86-15732789958
    + 86 15732789958