Zhongbo Profile

    1. An Exterior View
    Known as the world’s largest professional non-sparking tool manufacturer, Hebei Botou Safety Tools Company possesses strong technical strength that represents the most advanced level in the tool manufacturing industry. Our company spans an area of 66 thousand m2 and is staffed by 780 people, among which there are 38 senior engineers and 496 professional technicians. We have introduced 500 sets of high-ranking production facilities which contribute an annual non-sparking tool output of 5600 thousand sets. Our export rate meets 78%. Come to Zhongbo and you will get to know that we surely deserve our title.

    2. Meetings
    Here our technical employees meet to discuss the series of problems we have encountered during the production process. In Zhongbo we assemble regularly every week to have a brainstorm session, talking about the modification and update problems of the non-sparking tools or other core technology issues.

    3. The R&D Department
    Our design team is integrated with active minds. With the premise of satisfying clients’ diverse requirements, they never stop products exploration and innovation. Supported by this high-quality experienced team, now we have successfully exploited over 360 series of non-sparking tool with more than 5600 specifications, and over 60 series of advanced special steel tools that are available in more than 1200 specifications.

    4. Products Exhibition Hall
    Our non-sparking tools are in accordance with the Japanese standards JISM7002-96 and Chinese standards GB/t0686-2013. We have designed them to validly prevent the flammable explosion that may occur when the tools rub or strike with the articles that we are operating with. Now they have found wide applications in industries as petroleum, chemical, mining, anti-terrorist, anti-magnetic, coal, oil, gas, gas pipelines, power generation, metallurgy, aviation, etc. Besides it is worth mentioning that, our products have passed a substantial number of standards, such as GB/T4388-4393-1995, Germany DIN744, DIN894, DIN895, DIN838, DIN3113, and DIN1810.

    5. Certificates & Patents
    We have been awarded a considerable number of certificates, such as ISO9001, British Royal UKAS, Germany TUVGS, and the United States FM standards.

    6. Exhibitions
    In order to bring Zhongbo to the international market and let more people know us, we take an active part in the large-scale exhibitions at home and abroad, which has received very good response. Our products have found large popularity in more than 100 countries and regions include the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Britain, Singapore, South Korea, Denmark, India, Iran, Kuwait, UAE, Russia, Pakistan, Australia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

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