The spark-resistant manual chain hoist is available in various sizes.

The non-sparking adjustable wrench is made from copper beryllium or aluminum bronze and is available in a wide selection of sizes.

Shown here is our non-sparking Swedish style pipe wrench. This product has two toothed jaws that can prevent workpieces from slipping while ensuring the most flexible operation in confined spaces.

This product is used to grip, assemble and disassemble pipes and other tubular objects. It is a drop-forged pipe wrench.

This kind of wrench is struck by a hammer on the anvil area in order to loosen or tighten large-sized hexagon head bolts and nuts.

This American style wrench is designed to open and close oil drums and tighten drum faucets. It is precisely cast from copper beryllium or aluminum bronze.

The ratchet wrench features double sockets for fast tightening two different kinds of bolts. It is drop forged from high quality materials.

A non-sparking sledge hammer consists of a head and a handle, fastened together by state-of-the-art technology.

The box-end striking wrench is compliant with American ASME B107.59 standard. It is a drop-forged product used for loosening or tightening large-sized hex bolts and nuts.

This kind of adjustable wrench is manufactured from titanium alloy. It is typically used for turning hex or square bolts and nuts in industries such as aerospace, aviation and medical treatment, etc.

Made from titanium alloy, the claw hammer is robust, durable, lightweight, corrosion-resistant and is magnetic free.

This product is engineered to loose or tighten bolts and nuts. It is made in full compliance with German DIN standard.

The insulated and injection-molded tool set is designed to satisfy a majority of your production needs. It is a type of safety tool that can work normally under 1000V.

The non-sparking tool set is a safety product that complies with German DIN standard and operates normally under 1000V.

Our non-sparking needle is designed to work with pneumatic tools in combustible and explosive atmospheres. It is made from high-quality copper beryllium.

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