Production Workshops

The casting workshop covers an area of 2,000m2. We have equipped this workshop with fully-automatic sanding machines and automatic molding machines to support a monthly output of up to 500,000 pieces. This is our lost-wax casting workshop, where we can conduct the casting of various precision components and tools. The forging workshop incorporates 7 large-sized friction screw presses, which can perform forging process on workpieces in sizes ranging from 14mm to 150mm. The monthly output reaches up to 45 tons.
This workshop is used for the machining of non-sparking products and adjustable wrenches. We have nearly 50 advanced production facilities commonly used for the machining of products that vary in size from 1.5mm to 150mm. Shown here is our steel product machining workshop. Every one of the machining facilities operates with a precision of up to 0.05mm.

Our CNC machining center covers an area of 1,800m2. We have established 8 different types of CNC machining centers. These 10 CNC lathes are used to perform cylindrical turning, face turning, grooving and other manufacturing operations for the production of sockets. Additionally, we have invested heavily in more than 20 advanced facilities that can complete the milling, drilling, lever forming and assembly of various pliers.

This is our insulation layer production workshop, where we use 6 automatic injection molding machines to produce the insulation layers of all our products.

The polishing line serves to remove burrs from the products. Both the steel products and non-spark products must withstand high-temperature heat treatment for greatly increased hardness and excellent mechanical properties. Automatic electrostatic spraying is done on the steel tools and other products to ensure high durability. The products in natural colors must be immersed in the sealing solutions and then be dried to provide rustproofing. This will also ensure our products possess superior quality.

This is our automatic packaging line. It serves to complete vacuum packaging, cartoning, carton sealing and other working procedures. With this efficient line, we can complete 700 products per hour.

To assure customers of the highest quality, all our products are made from superior raw materials.Additionally, we built a 2,000m2 warehouse to store final products. The products will undergo surface treatment and packaging process and then be delivered immediately, as soon as you place an order.

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