1. A Panoramic View
    Shanghai Tool Industry Research Institute is well equipped with the torque measurement instrument, the burning tester, the tensile tester, the spectrum analyzer, the drop hammer, the friction testing device and other advanced testing equipment to accomplish the analysis of the raw materials, the physical properties, the explosion proof performance, and the chemical composition for the products.

    2. Spectrum Analyzer
    We employ the spectrum technology to check whether the chemical composition of the products have met the production requirements.

    3. High/Low Temperature Test Chamber
    The insulation performance of the insulation materials under extremely high/low temperature will be tested to offer customers the products with high security.

    4. Micro Vickers Hardness Tester
    The hardness testing process

    5. Drop Hammer Test Machine & Friction Tester
    We have designed several high-altitude dropping tests and friction tests to ensure the highest safety of our products.

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