Production Workshops
1. Casting Workshop

    In the pictures we see a full view of the casting workshop which occupies 2000 m2. Our fully-automatic sanding machines and automatic molding machines serve to bring our monthly output to a high degree of 50 tons, substantially meeting our production requirements.

    The two kinds of automatic machines have dramatically modified the properties of the sandboxes we produce; also the manufacturing time is largely cut. The worker is priming iron into the sandboxes.

2. Precision Casting Workshop

    This is our lost-wax casting workshop, where we conduct the casting of various precision components.

3. Forging Workshop

    1. A panoramic view
    So as to process more products with diverse specifications, we have incorporated 7 large-sized friction screw presses whose allowable forging size range from 55mm to 150mm. The monthly yield is up to 45 tons.

    2. Non-sparking tool production line
    An integral processing chain of blank heating, shaping and edge processing for the explosion-proof alloy products is done here.

    3. Steel tool production line
    This line mainly conducts the steps of raw material heating, blanking forming, forging and stamping.

4. Machining Workshop

    1. Non-sparking Products & Adjustable Wrenches Production Workshop
    A panoramic view
    We possess nearly 50 professional machines which are separately allocated to 4 production lines: slotting, milling, lathes, and adjustable wrenches processing. They process products that vary in size from 5.5mm to 150mm.

    Vertical drilling machine
    The drilling process of the plum wrenches and adjustable wrenches are mainly performed here. These drilling machines have a high drilling accuracy of 0.05mm.

    Milling and drilling machine
    This machine with an accuracy of 0.05mm primarily serves the open-end wrenches and the allen wrenches.

    Milling machine for adjustable wrenches
    We have employed this machine specially to accomplish the milling operation for the inner side of the adjustable wrenches. The maximum dimension it can process is 48inches and the accuracy reaches 0.04mm.

    We use the lathes to finish the chamfering, side shaping, drilling, and hook grooving techniques for hammers, crowbars, and shovels with the processing accuracy to be 0.05mm.

    2. Steel Product Machining Workshop
    This workshop is specially set for the machining of steel products. We possess 40 machines whose accuracy are 0.05mm to perform the milling, drilling and hook grooving operations.

    3. Machining Workshop for Titanium Alloy and Red Copper
    The milling, drilling and hook grooving process of the titanium alloy and red copper steel are done here. The accuracy is expected to be 0.05mm.

5. CNC Machining Center & Pliers Processing Line

    1. A panoramic view
    This plant occupies an area of 1800 m2 and is equipped with 8 CNC machining centers, 10 CNC lathes and a plier processing line.

    2. CNC machining center
    We have invested heavily in the 8 high-accuracy CNC machining centers which are varied in processing specifications. They are mainly applied in processing the molds, and the precision parts.

    3. CNC lathes
    We have 10 CNC lathes to finish the cylindrical turning, surface turning, grooving and other manufacturing operations for the socket products. Their accuracy is up to 0.02mm.

    4. Special processing line for pliers
    An overall view
    There are over 20 sets of machines specially used in the milling, drilling, and assembling processes.

    Shown is the milling process of the plier jaw. We can offer a processing accuracy of 0.1mm.

    Plier joint processing
    We assemble the two semi-finished parts of the plier through the joint.

    Here we adjust the mouth of the plier and assemble the plier body to guarantee the products’ performance

6. Screwdriver Production Line & Insulation Layer Production Line

    The production of screwdriver and the plastic injection for insulation products are done here. The 6 highly-automatic injection molding machines elevate our working efficiency and insulation performance to a new level.

7. Shot Blasting Workshop

    We own 7 shot blasting machines which denote to the surface smoothness and working properties of the products.

8. Non-Sparking Tools Assembly Workshop

    The explosion-proof parts and the non-explosion parts are integrated tightly.

9. Surface Treatment

    1. The Surface Treatment Workshop
    Polishing line
    Steel Products Polishing Line: Mainly finish the deburring and other polishing operations for the steel products.

    Polishing Line for Beryllium Copper and Aluminium copper: The deburring and polishing process for beryllium copper, aluminium copper and other non-sparking products are done here separating with other products.

    Hot Treatment Line: Both the steel products and non-spark products must withstand a high-temperature treatment for the required hardness and prominent mechanical properties.

    2. Spraying
    Manual Spraying: The steel products should be conducted with an electrostatic spraying treatment and then placed in the furnace for high durability. Heating temperature: 225℃, working time: 1 hour.

    Automatic Electrostatic Spraying Line: The employment of this fully automatic spraying line has effectively increased our working efficiency and improved the quality. Heating temperature: 195℃-197℃, working time: 30-40min.

    3. Surface Treating Line for Products In Natural Colors
    The products in natural colors must be immersed in the sealing solutions and then be dried to protect the surface from being rusty.

10. Packaging

    Our automatic packaging line serves to finish vacuum packaging, cartooning, carton sealing and other procedures. Supported by this high-efficiency line, about 700 products can be well packed in one hour.

11. Warehouses

    1. End Products Warehouse
    In the pictures we see the warehouse for non-spark products and titanium alloy products. The fairly large storing area of 2000 m2 allows for an adequate product reserve. As soon as you place an order, the products will then undergo the surface treatment and packaging process and then delivered instantaneously, cutting your waiting time as much as we can.

    2. Raw Materials Warehouse
    This is the repository for all of the raw materials such as the Beryllium copper and aluminum copper – used for producing the non-sparking tools, the 40Cr material and other high-quality raw materials.

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